Welcome to the on-line home of First Christian Church (Disciples) Mansfield, Ohio

You are probably reading this because you want to know what kind of church we are.   It’s like wanting to know about someone who is going to be your blind date.  Let me put you at ease right away… 

  • We are a HOME, where you will find a spiritual shelter from the chaos of life.  Next to your family, there is no better support group than your church family.  Like your own home, you can dress casual or dress up, if you like.
  • We are HANDY,  easily-accessible and close-at-hand on the corner of Third and Bowman in downtown Mansfield.
  • We are HEARTFELT,  genuine, sincere, and compassionate toward others.  Our vision is to become a multi-cultural church, so we welcome people of all races, sexes, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • We are a HAVEN, a place to explore your purpose and a deeper meaning in life through Jesus Christ.
  • We are a HOOT, because we know how to let our hair down and have fun together…and that includes all age groups.
  • We are a HALLWAY, a place where you can gather with other pilgrims to worship God, develop friendships, and walk your spiritual journey to heaven.
  • We are HUMBLE, because we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ to serve others and trust in God.
  • Finally, we are HAPPY because you took the time to explore our website!  I cordially invite you to come and visit us soon.  Seeing is believing!

Our Mission & Purpose

The First Christian Church is a fellowship of concerned people who have found a new freedom and a new meaning to life through faith in Jesus Christ. We desire to share this fellowship with others and to work for  the unity of all Christians.
 We Believe that every person has worth, that Jesus is the revelation of humankind's potential good, and that God is a forgiving and life changing spirit.

 Our purpose is to proclaim these truths to all so that a more meaningful relationship between humankind and God can develop as we study, worship, and fulfill our mission.